Healing Light Reiki Training Center is a Licensed Affiliate of The International Center for Reiki Training. All Holy Fire/Usui Reiki classes are approved to offer Continuing Education Credits for Massage Therapists and Nurses.


IMG_9897All Reiki Classes are taught by Lisa Ross StarLuv, a Professionally Licensed Teacher and Practitioner. “My mission is to offer classes that will IGNITE your personal power and INSPIRE you to heal your body and soul! I created Healing Light Reiki Training Center to give you a relaxed and safe learning environment that allows you to heal and grow on your own personal journey! PLUS empower you with tools that can be used to assist others whether you are a professional or a “closet healer”……. Never under estimate your power to heal and change lives!

*Classes and Treatments offered in Orem, Utah. *Registration is done by clicking on the specific page of the class you wish to register for.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Classes

chakra healing

No experience necessary to begin your Reiki healing journey with Reiki I & II. A powerful weekend workshop for self-improvement, holistic healing, and spiritual awakening. See class outline and lots more info by clicking on the link below! Register on the class page.

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  • March 14-15, 2015
  • May 2-3, 2015
  • June 27-28, 2015

Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Training comes after Reiki I & II
Are you ready to amp up your Reiki with the Holy Fire Ignition? In this 3 day training you will learn how to give all Usui Reiki attunements, Holy Fire Ignitions, plus an extra healing attunement, play with crystals, learn aura clearing plus more more more……See class outline and more details by clicking on the link below!

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  • Feb 27-28 March 1st, 2015
  • June 5-6-7, 2015

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Class

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Holy Fire Karuna Reiki is a high energy 3 day intensive. “Lisa’s Holy Fire Karuna Reiki class was my very favorite Reiki class of all.  We learned eight new healing symbols. The Karuna Reiki symbols are beautiful and so powerful for healing. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to take their Reiki to a higher level of healing.”  Ruth Z.

  • March 6-7-8, 2015
  • June 12-13-14, 2015

See Karuna Class Outline by Clicking on the Link Above

Reiki Riot!

Learn more about the Reiki Riot!. Connect with amazing like-minded Reiki Practitioners who come together for support, guidance, healing, and expansion of their Reiki knowledge. Dates TBA……Stay Tuned…..

Drum Healing Workshop

Drumming 101 No Pre-Requisites! Everyone invited! This hands on workshop teaches you how to use the sound waves from the hand drum to clear stuck energy  from the aura and chakra system.  Numerous health benefits occur including deep relaxation and stress relief. Stay Tuned for 2015 Dates TBA…..

Chakra Healing Class

Chakra 101 Is ALL ABOUT YOU! When energy is obstructed you feel constricted, sickly, depressed, confused, fearful, disconnected and dis-empowered.  A healthy Chakra System is your key to having good health. To know thyself is to heal thyself. Take your power back! BE healthy and happy! This class offers excellent take home material for further home study! Stay Tuned for 2015 Dates TBA…..

Aura Photos

INDIGO FULLBODY AURAWe are using a highly sophisticated biofeedback Aura Video System that has been used by hundreds of therapists, health practitioners, doctors, naturopaths, healers, Reiki practitioners, etc. since 1996. Our technician is extensively trained and knowledgeable. Aura photos are taken at 1304 North State Street in Orem. Call Troy at 801-360-2445.

Personalized Healing Treatments

Reiki is a high frequency energy that breaks up and moves out lower frequency energies such as stuck negative emotions, harmful thought patterns, physical ailments and spiritual blocks.

IMG_0025Lisa Ross StarLuv, Reiki Master Practitioner, can offer you a Private Healing Session that is very personalized and tailored to your specific needs in a very safe and sacred healing environment. (Also read “Reiki and My Healing Quest” by Lisa Ross, see Articles.)